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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – Charlie Day on Conan [VIDEO]

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Watch video of Charlie Day on Conan from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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This may not be the best season of It’s Always Sunny, but it’s certainly been one of the most adventurous.  I can’t remember a previous season where they’ve spent so little time at the bar, let alone took an adventure to Atlantic City where “The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods.”

120310 1806 ItsAlwaysSu1 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Review: The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods

Overall, this week’s installment wasn’t the funniest of the season, but easily one of our favorite due to a very strong A story and a fun plot line that tied the two stories perfectly together at the end.

We’ll talk about the A story first.  First off, Charlie and Dennis need to be partnered up more often.  Dennis, who is probably the worst human being of the group (and that’s saying something!) was a hilariously bad influence on the easily manipulated Charlie as he convinced him to say yes to everything.

That, of course, led to an amazing adventure that started with a great performance by the fresh-out-of-Celebrity-Rehab Tom Sizemore.  That guy gave an impressive number of sexual innuendos during his brief appearance as the truck driver, Byron.

Charlie, as usual, stole the show in our eyes as he discovered asparagus for the first time. I can’t imagine there’s another show or character out of there that could make the simple, subtle act of eating asparagus in the background quite as funny. 

Charlie’s speech was equally good, as was the drinking montage between Charlie, Dennis and Philadelphia Phillies players Ryan Howard and Chase Utley.  The best part?  Besides the wrestling?  Dennis and Charlie realizing the two of them were getting shit canned by themselves as Howard and Utley can of watched on with disgust as they drank water.

Charlie and Dennis’ night came to a fitting end as they blew the rest of their money on a jet as they flew back home sipping champagne.  Or basically, what Frank described as the perfect adventure from the outset of the episode.

Speaking of Frank, we’ll move on the B story.  Poor Frank, Mac and Dee.  They got left behind in the woods, missed the charity event, and were given the far less fun of the two stories.

Plenty of shows have done the concept of the group getting trapped in the woods, but Always Sunny made it unique as they made it all about a little rabbit named Peter Peter Nickel Eater and a rotting crow corpse.

Dee’s performance was nothing less than stellar as she went from crazed pregnant woman that wanted to eat a rabbit to bonding with it and giving it a cute nickname.  Oh and she pretty much had the line of the episode, nay season, by calling out Frank with, “I just don’t question the things you do anymore.”  Nor do we, Dee.

There were some decent moments in the B story, but it just didn’t have the fun, grand adventure feeling of Dennis and Charlie’s adventure.  Overall, it was a strong episode and will probably be one of the classics of this season.

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