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When the gang’s ten year ban from Flipadelphia, the annual city-wide Philadelphia flip cup tournament, is lifted, the gang goes to challenge their old rivals at dive bar Molly’s.  However, the gang soons finds out their rivals have now become an upscale restaurant and have grown up and moved on with their lives.  However, the gang does not care.  Apparently Dee choked under pressure last time and lost them the tournament, so Frank and Dennis head over to Dennis’ old fraternity to recruit a new fourth member.  When Dennis gets humiliated and tazed by the new frat members, he runs away swearing revenge.

121409 1953 ItsAlwaysSu1 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5 Episode 12 The Gang Reignites the Rivalry   Recap

Mac and Charlie agree to exact revenge and head back to the house during a party and fall in love only to be chased out with no new fourth member.  Meanwhile, Dennis and Frank head to the owner of Molly’s to still try and reiginite the rivalry.  Back at Paddy’s the gang finds out Sweet Dee has been practicing and is ready to go.  They decide instead to get their revenge on the frat and head over and challenge them to a flip cup game.  If Paddy’s wins, they can party at the frat, if the frat boys win, they can drink at their bar anytime they want.

Dee, once again chokes, but the boys’ plan was actually to poison the frat and it works.  Back at the bar, the owner of Molly’s comes over and is pissed… they never show up to Flipadelphia and he was ready to go after sabotaging.  They tell him they’re over it and he leaves pissed.  Hilarious season finale.

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I think we all need to take a hot second to review what fantastic, life-improving ideas this season has presented us thus far. Earlier, we learned the benefits of funneling box wine into soda cans (beyond the immediate high class appeal of it all). Then we were schooled in the ways of the DENNIS System, allowing us to more efficiently get ladies to bang. And in this episode, we learned that keeping sausage links in your shirt pocket is a smart way to keep your hands free and open to get greasy in other ways.

120409 1933 ItsAlwaysSu1 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5 Episode 11 Mac and Charlie Write a Movie   Recap

This is all shaping up to be a fine education, folks. I think it goes without saying that
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
is Sesame Street for adults.

In this episode: Schemes, schemes and more schemes! Dee got as close as she has ever been to the big time, by nailing a featured extra part in an M. Night Shyamalan film. Mainly the role just involved her being face-down in a puddle of blood for a few seconds onscreen, but, of course, she managed to screw it up somehow. Thank goodness for Kaitlin Olson, by the way, and her willingness to be drenched in red for half an episode and delivering lines like “That slumdog bastard twisted all of us!” Fantastic.

That said, as much as I enjoy watching Dee spectacularly fail at pursuing her Hollywood dreams, I would have loved to see more exploration in the actual “Mac and Charlie Write a Movie” story. All of Mac and Charlie’s brainstorming session was complete gold (the oddly specific choice of casting Dolph Lundgren, particularly inspired), as was their teaser poster for Crime Stinks: The Smell of Penetration (“He nose the truth”). Watching Mac and Charlie run around town trying to cobble their script together would have been enough ridiculousness to fill an entire episode by itself, I bet.

Dennis, on the other hand, spent most of the episode rubbing his phone and writing a film script with just his thumbs, I guess. His own shining moment came during his brief contribution to the writing process. It was great enough to warrant me listening to it three times in a row just to transcribe this one little part:

“Then he smells crime again, he’s out busting heads. Then he’s back to the lab for some more full penetration. Smells crime, back to the lab, full penetration. Crime, penetration, crime, full penetration, crime, penetration — And this goes on and on and back and forth for 90 or so minutes until the movie just sort of ends.”

All in all, a pretty fair episode, a typical example of what one can expect from the series, doubly so because the gang once again ended up as a group of deluded and delighted failures. Except for Dee. She’s just a failure.

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112009 1802 ItsAlwaysSu1 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5 Episode 10 The DENNIS System   Recap

A weird thing has been happening this season, where I find myself really appreciating what the writers have been doing with the gang but I’m not laughing nearly as much as I should. This episode was a prime example of that. Dennis is notorious for his way with women, so hearing a full breakdown of the DENNIS System should have been a complete riot (a riot with cringing, sure). I smiled at certain parts and quietly enjoyed the scary-elaborate ways of Dennis and the rest of the gang, though ultimately, the laughs fell short. Perhaps things are feeling a little forced this season?

Trust in the douchiness of your characters and the chemistry of your actors, writers! The lines will come.

The all-too straightforward initial DENNIS System lesson, like a twisted mishmash of seduction community teachings and psychopathic phone-harassment, was beautifully executed (“Pizza’s good…” “You’re the one that’s good”), and there is something startling and fantastic about Mac in glasses and a cardigan (Yes. More librarian attire on the Paddy’s Pub boys, please). I think the actual explanation and illustrative sequence was funnier than the way the events eventually played out.

The horrible feeding chain naturally developed by the rest of the gang to swoop in and take Dennis’ leftovers was also an inspired concept, with each level becoming less and less intricate. Ladies, don’t deny how you would react if Danny Devito “accidentally” dropped a Mangum condom by your feet. It clearly means he has a “monster dong.”

When the Waitress made her return in “The Waitress Is Getting Married” (still holding strong as the best of the season so far), we missed out on some of that classic Waitress/Charlie interaction. Not that they’ll ever get together without some ridiculous deus ex machina or if Charlie starts bathing properly (probably also by deus ex machina) but if they were to do so, they should totally run a carnival together. It seems so right.

A surprise standout performance was delivered by Travis Schuldt as Ben, Dee’s SoldierofFortune, putting on those stupid cut-offs again and making his second appearance on the show. He brings out the best horribleness in Dee. I’m wondering if he’s the first completely good and well-intentioned character that has ever appeared on Always Sunny. Like, ever. Even Rickety Cricket revealed himself to have ulterior motives when he was a priest, the initially innocent lawyer guy exacted his revenge on the gang in the Kitten Mittons episode, and the seemingly vulnerable and eager Artemis turned out to be kind of crazy and a little too eager. Maybe Fatty Magoo came close, but Ben is simply niceness incarnate in one grinning, sweaty guy in a car.

Also, I damn near lost it at Ben’s line “I like turtles.” I think that may have been the first time I’ve ever heard someone reference that video in a sitcom. I believe I only laughed out loud at this moment and Dee’s needlessly panicked physical reaction to the picnic. Yup.

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