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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – Interview with Charlie Day

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041811 1009 ItsAlwaysSu1 Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia   Interview with Charlie DayHave you started work on the new season yet?
Charlie Day: We have! We’re about halfway through writing it. We’re going to start filming next month. We’ve got a great episode where we reveal that Danny DeVito’s character has a brother, and they’re estranged, they haven’t spoken in 30 or so years. And he comes back to the bar and we kind of find out the history of their relationship, and we flash back to the ’60s and ’70s where they were in love with the same woman. It’s a highly stylized episode, it’s gonna be really funny. Other than that we’re gonna deal with child pageants and Facebook, dealing with all that.

What’s the latest thing that FX has rejected from you guys?
CD: They really don’t reject anything anymore. If anything, I think they push us further and further every season now.

Is there a lot of pressure to top yourselves every season?
CD: No, because that never leads to anything good. We just go by what we find funny, and you just have to trust that and hope that it translates to people. If one day what we find funny people don’t find funny, then we’ll hopefully we’ll find some younger, funnier people to trust, but for now we gotta just trust our instincts.

Is there anything you won’t joke about?
CD: I won’t joke about bad comedy. I take that very seriously. No, nothing’s over the line. It’s all about how you approach the material. On this show we deal with topics that might feel unapproachable, but then we try to figure out what’s relatable and funny about it.

Would you ever do another musical episode?
CD: Yeah, possibly. There will definitely be musical numbers in episodes — there will be some musical numbers in this season, probably in that child pageant episode.

Yeah, about that child pageant episode…
CD: It’s something that Frank gets mixed up in that he didn’t realize had to do with kids. He’s worried it’s really gonna tarnish his good name.

A lot of shows do departure episodes from a minor character’s point of view. Would you ever write an all-Artemis episode, or an all-McPoyle episode?
CD: Yes, we’ve talked about it before, but they’re busy actors and they’re tough to pin down. But we’re definitely open to it. It would be fun.

Any plans to do another tour?
CD: Yeah! We’re talking about it, but you know, people’s schedules and everything. We’d probably do The Nightman Cometh again, or — who knows? — maybe something new.

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