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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – Season Three

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Download It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia for Free

Now on on DVD from 20th Century Fox, the third season of FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was quite good. Sure, the strain of producing 15 episodes (when the first two seasons combined had only 17) shows occasionally. I speak of course of “Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire” and “The Gang Gets Whacked.” Neither are unfunny, mind you, they just aren’t up to the high standards the gang has set for themselves.

But boy howdy, are some legit themes running through season three too. We were introduced to Nightman, we had dancing shenanigans, and we had more than a little fun with drawings of busty ladies by Dennis. For these reasons, and the fact that the fellas give one hell of an interview, I say we keep on supporting them. Now let’s delve into what you’ll get, should you decide to make season three a purchase.

First off, the three discs have all 15 episodes, including some classics. My personal favorites are “The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty McGoo,” “The Gang Dances Their Asses Off,” and “Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender.” If you’ve never seen the show and have somehow stumbled onto this review unaware, those titles alone should give you an indication of what the show is all about. Two of the episodes come with commentaries, though confusingly the option to play them is located under language selection. Perhaps non-intuitive DVD menus are the next wave of comedy? Neither commentary is amazing, and none reach the level of prior seasons when the gang would casually mention boom mics that were accidentally left in the shot. That’s OK though, the commentaries aren’t all these discs have to offer.

There’s also a six-minute gag reel on disc three, which is fun so far as gag reels go. “Sunny Side Up: Volume 2″ is a look at the directors and writers’ room. The creative thrust behind the show (Rob, Charlie, Glenn) all show up and wrestle while discussing the season. They’ve got a mat, uniforms, and everything. It’s oddly disconcerting. And funny. Hey, that could be the show’s new tagline!

Speaking of, season three features the exact same critical quote that the prior DVD did. It’s from Matt Roush over at TV Guide: “Brazenly Funny.” Really? That’s the best we could do for season three too? What about “This show rocks the party that rocks the body” or “Damn hilarious!” I better see my name in season four. Be a buddy.

philadelphia Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia   Season ThreeThe McPoyles get their own featurette this go-round but it’s played entirely for laughs — comprised of nonsensical interviews with the guys who play Liam and Ryan. The last feature of note is a montage of the public access Dancing Guy from “Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire.” It’s a collection of an odd topless dancing guy gyrating to disparate backgrounds of soaring eagles and forests. So, yeah, pretty typical.

All in all, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is still in my personal pantheon. That grouping includes shows like Arrested Development, 30 Rock, and Flight of the Conchords. These are shows that routinely try new things and explore new comedic ground. Death as comedy, drugs as comedy, overt racism as comedy: these are the notions Philly hurls out once a week on FX. And it works.

Perhaps season three wasn’t always the best of Sunny in Philly, but it’s still easily better than most of the vanilla, network comedy they trot out in prime time. So give it a watch or purchase. You could do far worse.

Download It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia for Free

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