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Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Review: “A Very Sunny Christmas: Part 2”

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Yes, I realize how silly it is to review the Always Sunny Christmas episode, which was released on DVD last year.  But for those of us who couldn’t afford, or were too cheap to pay the near $30 retail price of the two episode DVD, this was our first chance to view.

So I’m going to keep the relatively review short because most Always Sunny fans have had a chance to watch the DVD and weigh in with their opinions throughout the web.  So here’s my take on the two part Christmas special.

So yes, this has been the only time I have seen the episode and can only comment on the edited version.  I missed out on cursing.  I possibly missed out any more naked Frank that my poor eyes were submitted to during the screener I received.  I really hope for your guys’ sake the unedited version did not include full frontal.

The gang was basically divided in two throughout the first part and most of the second half for the two stories.  Mac and Charlie were exploring their childhood memories of the holiday, while Dennis and Dee seeked revenge on Frank for ruining theirs.

While it’s clear that Dennis and Dee’s adventure was the A story, dominating more of the screen time, Mac and Charlie had us laughing more.  We always knew Charlie’s mother was a bit of a whore, but really?  Santas running a train on her?  An elf?  Or at least what glue-sniffing Charlie remembered as an elf.  Too funny.

Mac’s fond memories of his father’s holiday tradition was also equally disturbing from a childhood scarring position, but not nearly as funny.  You can definitely view these flashbacks as a little insight into what makes these guys as messed up as they are.

All grown up, Mac and Charlie were equally entertaining to watch them harassing poor Rick as they tried to “fix him” or Charlie biting Santa in the neck.

Meanwhile, Dennis and Dee’s attempt to give Frank the old Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was definitely very entertaining, but not nearly as many laugh-out-loud moments.  There were definitely at least some great Always Sunny quotes like Frank wanting to be thrown in the trash when he dies, but the story served more as the emotional core of the episode.

It was sweet to see Frank turn around and surprise his kids by decorating Paddy’s with the Christmas decorations.  But, of course, things had to end in Always Sunny fashion as the gang lost everything.

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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The Gang Exploits The Mortgage Crisis

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(S05E01) It’s Always Sunny is back and it’s kicking your ass. Or at least it’s threatening you and your wife until you start crying a little bit and agree to partake in the antics, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. There were a lot of good moments in the premiere episode, though it didn’t really feel like a typical season opener, in as much as it didn’t present anything too big and different from the usual Always Sunny episode. Again, it was funny, of course, but it didn’t scream “premiere”, and perhaps that’s the best thing for Always Sunny.

Honestly, a small part of me feared that five seasons in would be about the time the creators decided to give the show a mini-makeover, like some other shows. Make a fancier title design, drop “Temptation Sensation” for something specifically tailored to the show… I probably would have started shouting at the television (because we all know that’s incredibly effective) if there was something like a wacky season five spruce-up of the opening credits. I still feel the sting of Weedsalmost-betrayal in my mind, when they dropped their catchy little theme tune for some crappy digital visual gags.

But I digress.

The members of the gang don’t change, don’t improve upon their selves, so why should anything be punched up and different on the show? Dropping us right into another terrible, greedy plot (which ends in a carefree chicken fight in someone else’s pool) is just perfect and maybe even a little reassuring, as if to let us know that it’s still the show we love.

As always, whenever there are people suffering and feeling a little desperate, the gang sees a golden opportunity. In this case, it’s the mortgage crisis, and in this episode, the boys decided to make a little cash from it. Mac and Dennis donned some blazers and got a little flirtatious and needlessly angry (respectively) to try and sell a house they technically didn’t already have. One of the best parts of the episode was just Mac’s confused fury-face after the confrontation on the stairs. I would also like to note that Mac could have removed the sleeves from that blazer and totally pulled off that look.

Meanwhile, Charlie brushed up on some of his lawyer-ing skills, which somehow turned into him putting on his one go-to tie and challenging a real lawyer to a duel. I like how Charlie’s illiteracy has now spiraled out of just crazy-scribbles to generously sprinkled malapropisms in his speech. Yeah. “Malapropisms.” I totally paid attention to most of AP English.

Sweet Dee, on the other hand, essentially tried to sell her uterus as prime real estate to a couple looking for a surrogate. “You guys want to do the Octomom thing? I’m game. You want to out-do that bitch? I’ll have that conversation! — I’m kidding, I don’t want ten people inside of me.” Also, way to find an excuse to show off those abs. Kaitlin Olson, your lankiness is deceptive.

Frank was also there, accidentally severely burning children’s hands and sending battering rams through gates. Usual Frank stuff.

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